BARRIER® provides your family with clean, safe
drinking water through better filtration technology.

TESTED Best In Class

Only BARRIER® has filters for standard filtration as well
as specific water problems—to reduce excess hardness
or iron or add fluoride. The unique NanoPlus®
absorbent surface reduces contaminants by up to 99%,
including copper, mercury and cadmium, and the taste
and smell of chlorine. BARRIER® filters last twice as long
as the leading brand, replace more than 600 plastic
bottles which could potentially end up in landfills, and
give your family delicious filtered water for just a
penny a glass.

Find the BARRIER® Filter That’s Best for You.

Only BARRIER® lets you choose
the right filter for your region.
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Our products have received
the Gold Seal Certification
from the Water Quality Association,
which means they meet U.S.
standards for reducing the taste and
smell of chlorine (NSF/ANSI 42),
reducing cadmium, copper and
mercury (NSF/ANSI 53) and lead 
content safety guidelines
(NSF/ANSI 372).